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Areas of expertise:
strategic corporate documents
white papers for boards of directors
documentation for syndicated credit operations
documents involving synergies of law, business and information technology
hardware and software-related documentation
manuals for all kinds of machines and machinery equipment
a(see further down on this page)

All translations come with a guarantee that terminology, localisation parameters and style are consistent throughout.

I have also created literary texts such as the Czech version of the official book on “Strasbourg – European City“ in 2004, a book packed with intense historical detail and written in a creative literary style. This work required many hours' research into historical facts and terminology.

Since about 2004, many of my long-termed and well-established partners started asking me to handle jobs, usually large and repeated, for documentation and manuals in the technical and IT domain (medical and pharmaceutical documentation, vehicles, environmental technologies, earth-moving and building machines, computer networks and computer controls, safety standards, kitchen appliances). Over those several years, I have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience and created translation memories and glossaries so large and valuable that I have included the above topics among commonly accepted orders for translation from German, English, French and Slovak into Czech and English.

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